Analogue volume control on CDP

Which CD players utilize an analogue volume control instead of a digital volume control?

My search of prior threads yielded little.

Thanks for your help.
Audio Aero Capitole
Resolution Audio CD50/55/Opus 21
Cary 308T?
Cairn multi-format player (to be released)
Levinson No. 39, The Resolution Audio players, and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting.
Modwright's Sony 9000ES or 999ES. For the money, and a lot more, hard to beat!
I second the Resolution Audio Opus 21. You can pick one up for around $2500 on Audiogon and they are a steal at that price.
The Audio Aero Prima (at least, the older version) and Granite 657 can be added to this list.
Thank you very much for your responses. I would be interested in your opinions as to whether there is a meaningful sonic difference between digital and analogue volume controls.
With a digital volume control when it is turned down, bits are thrown away. So, a digital VC can effect the sound more adversly than it's analog counterpoint.