Analogue v. Digital...again (Washington Post)

This is an interesting article and it features a couple of A vs. D recordings so you can try to tell the difference. Michael Fremer had a brief remark in the "comments" section. Hopefully, this Washington Post link for non-subscribers works:



The article is actually about Tom Port of Better Records, quite frankly he comes off as an off-putting nutcase. And he can’t help himself from trashing respectable companies like Analogue Productions. So he uses the following gear to listen to $7 common records and anoint a portion of them as $500 "super hot stampers":

  • Dynavector Karat
  • Triplanar arm
  • VPI Aries
  • Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers

That’s a pretty damn good return on his circa-2000 gear investment. I’d be the richest man on earth if I could leverage my gear so effectively 😂

I’d rather if WP hadn’t focused on him - it’s not a good look for our hobby.

Where do you buy the system you listed for "circa 2000"? Presumably you mean dollars and not some exotic cryptocurrency.

Analogue v. Digital...again


This topic is like watching paint dry..

in cold weather.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 0.1..


On the other hand reading posts on this subject is like going to the dentist for a root canal ( without anaesthetic ).

So if you are a masochist keep posting and read on.