Analogue to Digital Converters

I am interested in learning who has any experience with quality component Analogue to Digital converters so I can record vinly onto CDR and bypass the stock A/D units built into my CDR deck. My only experience with a component unit was about ten years ago making live digital tapes of Zero concerts in the Bay Area. We fed a Yamaha Pro A/D 1 bit model from a Mackie mixer into a TASCAM DA30 with good results. I have had no luck in finding out anything about this Yamaha unit.

Any information is appreciated.
Most of the units I've seen are for pro audio. There are a good variety with some many people recording to computer now. Apogee is usually considered to be one of the best if price isn't an issue.
I found a Yamaha ADX2...anybody know the unit?
I'm not familiar with the specific Yamaha unit, but I suspect that a 10 year old unit is not competitve with recent production A/Ds. If you do run an outboard A/D you'll also run the risk of higher jitter levels.