Analogue synergy

Hi All,

I've got a Brinkmann LaGrange which I will be using with a Triplanar Tonearm and Koetsu Rosewood Signature.
Will this synergy work. I've be informed that the Triplanar isn't a good synergy with the Brinkmann.
Can anyone advise on this matter.
I thought that Brinkmann made tonearms too. Why not them?
I do not see any issue in using the Brinkmann/Tri-P Arm in combination. The Tri is built to be used with any TT on the market. If you have a synergy issue it might be with the Koetsu cartridge which probably is sweet, musical, and a little dark for what already will be a slightly dark sounding arm/table combo. You might want to consider a Lyra, Transfiguration, or Dynavector cart. in your price range. These cartridges are more neutral and more dynamic as well. You have a very nice table and arm. Good luck and enjoy!
Hi Elinor
Thanks for the feedback.When I intially demo the Brinkmann I felt it was faithful to the recording. I value neutral presentation where my system should minimise its impact on the musical presentation.I heard prople say the brinkmann is an analytical presentation. I personally never heard this.
As regards Cartridge selection the Koetsu RS was selected for its musical presentation and also I've never used a Koetsu in my own system before.
I'm looking forward you getting my Analogue rig set-up asap.
My current phonostage is the Whest PS 30R do you feel its up to the task of maximising my Analogue set-up.
Any alternative recommendations?

Although a Koetsu will "work" on a Triplanar and sound good, I get the impression that Koetsu's can sound even better on higher mass tonearms. Koetsu has very low compliance; Triplanar is "medium" mass tonearm. Of course, you can always stick a penny or a wad of gum on the Triplanar headshell to increase its effective mass, instead of finding a whole 'nuther tonearm which might not otherwise be as good as a Triplanar. Seriously, some added mass on the headshell might be a good thing. I think a penny weighs 5 gm. Some prefer blue tac.
If you do get the Brinkmann/Tri/KRS, the weak link will be the Whest PS30R. IMHO you should get the Whest PS30 RDT SE version. It is leaps and bounds above the R in terms of quietness, resolution and dynamics.

Of course if you can get the Whest MC V, it is even much better than the SE. But is twice the price. Worth getting the MC V if your musical taste runs into large orchestrals and big bands where the extra resolution and dynamics over the SE brings you into the venue.
I will try your suggestion of added mass to the Triplanar.
To get the Koetsu RS to work at its best.

As regards to the Whest MC V I've haven't heard this unit yet.So maybe I need to add to my current list of phonostages to demo.
ASR Basis Exclusive
Lamm LP2 Delux.
Audio Research PH7
LFD audio MMC SE
The Triplanar has a multi-weight system for its counter balance, so if you use them right they can be set up to adjust the effective mass of the arm as well.

If you want reduced effective mass, use the weight combination so that the weight(s) are closer to the pivot. If you want greater effective mass, set up the weights so that they are further from the pivot.
I used to own the ASR Basis Exclusive and was contemplating an ARC Ref Phono 2 before buying the Whest MC V.

The ASR and ARC PH7 are not in the same league as the Whest MC V although both are refined and quiet. The MC V is more detailed, dynamic with breathaking leading edges and transients so much so that ASR/ARC sounded slow.
current list of phonostages to demo.
ASR Basis Exclusive
Lamm LP2 Delux.
Audio Research PH7.
LFD audio MMC SE

Methodology, I had the LP2 Delux w/ an RSP. It wasn't a great match, IMO. The Lamm didn't have enough gain to
make the RSP sing. It is possible this will also be the case w/ the PH7. I believe both the ARC and Lamm units have 57 db of gain. It may be an option to use an SUT in to the MM section of the Lamm. I never did, but wish I had tried it. I also tried the ASR Basis w/ the RSP. It did match quite well, with plenty of gain/loading options. That said, it was just not my cup of tea. Atmasphere, thanks for the tip on the weights. I will go back to my lighter counter weight, which has me further from the pivot. So far, that it made me purchase the heavier one from Basis.Now back to the OP. I thought is was actually just the heavier Koetsu stones that liked higher mass tonearms.