Analogue Productions Duke Ellington's Masterpieces

I can count on one hand how many times I have been moved so much that I just had to post a suggestion / review of a recording. I generally keep them to myself and leave the reviews for others. This is one of those times, I just have to share.

I sat down to listen with friends and Analogue Productions' recent release of Duke Ellington's Masterpieces was the first thing pulled. We played it on my Wave Kinetics NVS Turntable with Durand Telos Tonearm and Ortofon Anna Cartridge. The loudspeakers were my Evolution Acoustics MMTwos.

All I can say is right from the first note of the fist song on the lp, "Moon Indigo" we were stunned and spewing expletives that would have embarrassed Richard Pryor. I do not ever remember hearing horns as alive sounding as this record produced. Every song was amazing!

My dad used to tell me that Ellington was the greatest, not just because he was an amazing musician and composer, but also because of his ability to keep the finest musicians of his day with his band. He made everyone feel special and was so generous with his compliments to the press about their abilities they just wanted to play for him. Ben Webster, Johnny Hodges, Barney Bigard, Oscar Pettiford, Billy Strayhorn and Clark Terry were just a few.

You absolutely need to go online immediately and order this record. It has moved into my top five recordings and might even be in my top two.

Where did you buy your copy of this great record? I don't think that would be in violation of any rule etc. Thanks
You are not really hearing what's buried in the grooves with your run-of-the-mill analog set-up. Get yourself an Audio-Technica turntable and a Pickering cartridge then talk to us. Hrmmmp....!
IMO, Masterpieces is unquestionably one of the all-time greats, so now I'll head off to the AP website and order the reissue. Thanks for the heads up.
Mine shipped yesterday, after a month of being back ordered at Music Direct. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks for posting, Jtinn!

I got it from Acoustic Sounds.
I bought a copy last year - - - a truly great recording of great music. I was steered to it by a Fremer review:
Yeah I'm gonna upgrade my Clear Audio DaVinci for a good Pickering MM...
But on the Duke, many of the LP pressings I have are just like your experience.. breathtaking. I love the MFSL Duke and Armstrong LP
Th Ap pressing is truly outstanding. I ordered mine after reading Mikey's review and I am happy that I did.
One can't help wondering how the CD version sounds, assuming the CD with the blue cover is actually the same recording. In any case I guess I'll find out post haste as I ordered it yesterday.