Analogue experience

This will be mine first analogue experience, I have two choices about turntable according to my budget.
Sme 10 and 10a tonearm , Transrotor zet 3 and jelco 250 tonearm. My cartridge will be ortofon cadenza black or windfeld. I need your valuable opinions
Thankyou for your kindly helps
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I’m using a Winfield on a VPI Superscoutmaster/Classic Platter/rim drive/3D tonearm. Absolutely beautiful. The Winfield takes a l-o-n-g time to sound its best. I’m using 1000 ohms for its load. Be sure to take all the time you need to set it up deserves it. The SME arms can't accomodate all the setting that you need for the cartridge....the Jelco can be bettered.