Analog vs digital?

Hi all! My first posting so please be gentle!
I've just had my old Linn LP12 turntable tuned up. It's been over 25 years since its had any attention. 
Nothing replaced just readjusted and I'm blown away by the result. 
It's so much more involving than the digital part of my system. 
Singxer SU-6, Denafrips Terminator. 
The Linn LP12 and  Ekos arm is over 30 years old.
I'm confused! 
Technology seems to be going backwards. Is it all for convenience? 
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Hi Jond, 
Guess our time difference is about 19 hours so apologies for the delays. 

At the moment just using a "hemroid" tablet and phone via USB. 
Don't have a dedicated streamer yet. 
Using Tidal high def "master" over WiFi. 
Tablet or phone both show they are playing master or hifi. 
Cheers! Tony. 

THANK YOU ALL! for your inputs. Very much appreciated! 

I'll try a hard drive type server/nas as I too would like to enjoy my digital music more as I also like the convenience of not having to get up to change the record. 
My apologies to those of you that think I was being negative about digital music. 
I'm not at all anti digital, was just wanting advice on how to improve my digital set up as I'm a very newbe in this medium. 
As I said earlier, I've never owned a CD player and don't have any CDs also had a very long break seriously listening to music due to my outdoor interests taking over since having a spinal fusion in 1988.
For many years of pain n suffering prior to 1988 I turned to MUSIC, pain killers n booze to cope. 

Recently have rekindled my pursuit of relaxation using music etc as I'm no longer able to pursue my outdoor interests due to on going health issues. 

Unfortunately I'm one of those fussy bastards that strives for perfection on a tight budget because unfortunately when health issues strike one can't afford what he/she really wants. 

Anyway I should end this post so you all can concentrate on helping others find their nirvana.

Once again, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for your valuable input. 

All the very best to you all! 
Keep safe n well, 
Cheers! Tony. 

Great suggestions here but I'd add one more: Chord Hugo M Scaler. To me, it's a device that can truly bridge the gap between digital and analog. If you (like me) have 'analog ears' then you might find (like me) that digital will always be unsatisfying because of the simple fact that it's missing too much information. To me, having grown up listening to analog (so yes, maybe slightly biased), even good digital sounds like a *picture* of the music but not the real thing. Analog gives me the illusion of the actual event in a way that digital doesn't seem capable of doing.  

At least that's how i've felt until recently when I acquired an M Scaler and then a Chord Dave. The Dave is very good but still sounds typically digital to me without the M Scaler.  Add the M Scaler and suddenly the digital system enters into the same league as my record player.  It's not as good, all told, but it's close.  and close enough that it opens up an amazing synergy between analog sound quality and digital freedom of choice.  Streaming though the Dave/M Scaler even with just a Bluesound Node is very satisfying. I can sit and listen and focus without fidgeting for something to read, which is what usually happens in a digital system for me. If I need to work and not be distracted by the music, I can turn off the M Scaler and find myself freed to ignore the music again.  perfect! 

Just a thought. I don't really have a dog in the fight of analog vs digital. Analog is (IMHO) objectively better AS OF NOW but in the long run I'm sure that digital will live up to its potential for quality reproduction and not just convenience and mobility.