Analog vs digital?

Hi all! My first posting so please be gentle!
I've just had my old Linn LP12 turntable tuned up. It's been over 25 years since its had any attention. 
Nothing replaced just readjusted and I'm blown away by the result. 
It's so much more involving than the digital part of my system. 
Singxer SU-6, Denafrips Terminator. 
The Linn LP12 and  Ekos arm is over 30 years old.
I'm confused! 
Technology seems to be going backwards. Is it all for convenience? 
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listening to analog records, vs. compact discs, vs streaming -- are fundamentally different processes and thus, experiences

you can get a system to sound truly truly excellent playing any of the above media... those who insist on naming one as ’the best’ and putting the others down are totally missing the point - ALL are able to provide tremendous enjoyment and a no-apologies listening experience with the right equipment and content - it just takes know-how, perserverance and $ to achieve it

people get emotional, defensive and protective of what they have personally invested their time effort and money into -- that they have done so does not diminish what others have done in their own, separate directions within the hobby

in pursuing high end audio we are all seeking an experience, a hobby that we get a great deal of joy from - it is a multi faceted experience as it involves technical, monetary, artistic/aethestic elements - but it is narrow-minded, selfish and unbecoming to put down others so you can feel better about what you prefer - like in life more broadly, there are so many paths to happiness and self actualization, there are multiple paths to musical and sonic satisfaction
Excellent post. As you said, there are many paths, and those who prefer analog must realize that it is not only a subjective preference, but probably also an inbuilt sensitivity to certain types of distortion that they hear with digital.
I would liken it to overhead fluorescent lighting. Over the years when I have had to work in an environment that was lighted in this way, I was always keenly aware of the oscillation of the fluorescent tubes. I would ask others if it bothered them, and usually they would say that they didn't even notice it. 
My point is that perceived distortions in in digitally reproduced music may be very real to the ears of some listeners and not to others; and that's OK. 
The Linn LP 12 is still one of the best turntables on the market. You might want to try the wyred for sound 10th anniversary dac, it's the most analog sounding dac that I've ever had in my system.
High speed tape, superb digital, great TT, arm
cart... some of us do it all and appreciate the musical virtues of each... even Fremer might be tumbling to it....

to the OP those Vandersteen are capable of a lot ! You owe yourself a better source than a PC....
You might want to try the wyred for sound 10th anniversary dac, it's the most analog sounding dac that I've ever had in my system.

Way out of my price range but this is something I like to hear about.