Analog upgrade path for less than $1200

I have recently gotten the LP bug after getting a AT95e cartridge and AT preamp for my 33 year old Technics SL1300 table. I know there is better sound to be had here and need some input on upgrading.

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If there is nothing wrong with your SL-1300 and its arm, you might consider getting a better cartridge and phono preamp. If you were thinking of getting a "new" table/arm/cartridge combo for less than $1200 that will beat what you have now it could be tough sledding.
Thanks for your input. Table's still works great. Any specific suggestions on cartridge's and preamp's?
Consider going used for the phonostage, your money will go a lot further. Make a point that your stage and cartridge are an ideal match, not something "that will work together." Think about a 1K budget for the stage and cartridge. That will be a nice compliment to your rig. If you really like how things go, you can move them to another table later.
I don't know what cartridges will mate well with your arm (low compliance, medium compliance, high compliance), but I suspect it will be high compliance. You need to figure that out and then decide whether you are going the MM or MC route. Your cartridge will dictate what type of phono preamp you need unless you go for a high output MC and then the preamp requirements will be the same. Cartridges are such a personal choice.

Since Raul has heard every cartridge known to man and even some that aren't, I am sure he could tell you exactly what cartridge and phono section you should buy that would go perfect with your table.
go with the KAB technics, it can not be beat for the $$ as long as you go with Kevin's arm re-wire, dampener trough, and PS upgrades.
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People have forgotten how outstanding Jim Hagerman's designs are - both on an absolute basis as well as at their price point.

Do you solder?

Buy a Hagerman Coronet in kit form (~ $400 to build, a Dual 1219 or equivalent, and a Dynavector 10x5 high output MC.

If you don't solder and can stretch your budget a bit, buy the built up phono stage for $1199, a 1219 or equivalent, and the cheapest Grado, Ortofon, etc.

Mess around with headshell weights to get the arm mass to agree with the cartridge. I've made a Dual arm (designed more for high compliance carts) work very nicely with a Denon DL103, but adding 5 grams of weight at the headshell (reset tracking force, of course).

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Your best upgrade for the money is buying an ounce of the Technics DD oil. The spindle well must be filled all the way to the top AT ALL TIMES. The manufacturer's suggested oiling once every 2,000 hours is wrong.