Analog upgrade advice.

I am currently using rega P5 TT with DV 10x5 cartridge
PS audio Phono
Luxman 550AII amplification
harbeth compact 7ES3 speakers
ps audio perfect wave DAC
nordost RD lief IC
AZ hologram 2 cables
i felt last night icould upgrade my analog ring to a different level cause i find more satisfaction than with digital.
I dont know if i can upgrade what i own or get a new table.
Help appreciated.
I own the Rega P5.
It is great as is. though the power supply is worth the money to add.
So is the aluminum subplatter for the P5.

For the Phono box, plenty of used phono units worth the money.
Yours is below the full potential of the p5.
If you love Lps, then i would say buy the Phono box (used) with the best potential.
Like a Manley Steelhead, or something on that level. It will last you forever, and be really the item worth it in the long run.
Buying little bits of stuff for tiny improvements will never equal buying a big, great item like a Manley Steelhead.
Plenty of famous, and wonderful (expensive) phono preamps out there.
The Manley was one i could remember.
I use a Bryston BP 1.5 and a Audio Research Sp-15 for it's phono section. And i own an Audio Research Ph-2 just because...
You will be amazed at what you can do to better your Rega. Try putting Cardas blocks under your table. The difference will be huge.
I am so excited about improvements on my analog set up
I will take seriously any advice from you guys
I will start with the cardas blocks, I have been told that rega p5 is an excellent table, there is no reason that with the rest of my set up
I can not experience a sublime analog sound.
Thank you all,
I have a friend who had the Rega 5. The power supply and the Groovetracer bearing & subplatter upgrade took the performance to a point where it sounded better than the more expensive P7.
Cardas blocks? How about getting a big 3.5" (8.9 cm) thick butcher block cutting board to put your turntable on? And swap out the stock feet for Vibrapod Cones and Isolators. I got a pretty dramatic improvement in clarity, dynamics, and lowered noise floor by doing that for my Technics DD TT. I told my audiobuddy, who has a Music Hall belt drive TT and he was really appreciated my advice as it made a noticeable improvement for him as well.
Really liking my new Salience Jasmine LP 2mkII phono preamp. Very noticeable upgrade compared to my Pro-ject phono tube box II and I bet your phono stage also.
Well Tempered "Amadeus" ($2850 NEW)
Van Den Hul "Colibri Gold LW" ($1500 Audiogon)
Einstein "The Turntable's Choise" ($2600 Audiogon)
IMHO the RB700 is one of the best bang for the buck I've ever encountered...I have the same amp as you and I am very impressed with the built-in phono my opinion you should get into MC cart (plug into the Luxman) and keep the rest as is until that is done...start with a DL-103R and go from steps would be 'under slung heavyweight' for the tone arm and upgrade body for the cart (alu or wood...)...GOOD LUCK!
If you are sticking with the Rega or a Rega geometry, you might want to look into the Audiomods arms. It was a big improvement over the RB301 I had, and I have read follks saying they prefer it over the RB700 (on Vinyl Engine maybe?).