Analog to digital interface

I'm seeking the best way to transfer some of my vinyl to my music drive while preserving the quality of the recordings in the best way. I'm running my tt through a Magnum Cronus 2 which has fixed and variable outputs (RCA) but I'm looking for an interface to a USB port on the laptop that I'm using for a server...hopefully by the least complicated path and with the best bang for the buck....Suggestions?

The reason I'm reluctant to throw my two cents worth in, is because it's old, and there is a good possibility a better way, or something new has come along since then.

If you were thinking about a new cartridge, or some other upgrade, now is the time; it will come through crystal clear on playback.
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I would recommend a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre with a Farad Super3 linear power supply.  Even though it's named "4Pre", this actually has 8 analog inputs.  A lot of people don't realize that the linear power supply delivers a significant impact to sound quality.

If you want a more expensive "industry standard" type of solution, you can look at RME Fireface UCX with a Farad Super3 linear power supply.  It's a whole lot more expensive.  I'm not really sure if it will sound that much better though. 

Also, there are cheaper linear power supplies (such as Teddy Pardo, Keces, Teradak), but the Farad is close to the best in my opinion.

The Focusrite uses 12V DC and the RME uses anywhere from 9V-18V DC, so a 12V linear power supply will be fine for either.
@phastrone - I was really responding to phantum989 because he wants 8 analog inputs, but if you are still looking for something, you should look at the Focusrite Clarett 2Pre since you only need 2 analog inputs (left/right).  The Clarett series is much better than most of the other interfaces in the same price range because it uses better op amps and analog circuits.  At $400 market price, it is definitely the best bang for the buck audio interface. 

A linear power supply will also significantly improve the sound quality of this as well.  It all depends on how much you want to spend.  Even a $150 china Teradak power supply from ebay will be much better than the stock "wal-wart" switching power supply.
Here's a very technical teardown and measurements of the Clarett 2Pre:

It doesn't give any opinions.  It only shows technical descriptions of circuits and measurements.  However, I've listened to this interface and it's superior to other interfaces in the same price range such as Focusrite Scarlett and Tascam interfaces such as 102i (which is sterile sounding to me).
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