Analog to Digital

Ok, so here is one I cant seem to find -

I am upgrading my system that pulls double duty as a 2ch music system and HT setup. My main concern is the music - HT is a distant second. I was considering a Bel Canto Dac3 since it can pull double duty as a pre as well - I don't have any vynl, so my remaining analog source would be the L/R output from my NAD integrated. Any good ideas on how to take that analog L/R output and convert it to any digital form? Like I said, HT quality doesn't need to win any contests, but the only unit I can find is a $50 box ( ) that I can't imagine is w/out significant issues. I don't mind spending a little on this to prevent having add a regular analog pre (and would love to save the $1500 or so that I will most likely spend to handle the 1 input).

I don't have experience with any of them but here's a vendor that sells several different brands,
I own the Benchmark digital to analog converter and like it a lot. I would expect their A to D converter is a fine product, as well.
Check out the EMU-0404.