Analog to digital

I've been reading through the archives looking for the best solution for transforming analog (mostly vinyl) to digital with decent fidelity. I am considering M.Audio's Firewire Audiophile Interface and a Macbook or an Olive Musica. Any thoughts on either of these or other suggestions?

I just began using the iVinyl pre analog to digital devise. It is being distributed by member Audioparts. Hes running an ad for it. The unit is just fantastic and easy to use. I'm converting my vinyl collection to CD and also loading it to itunes. He is selling the unit for $229 but says there will be a price increase on Feb 1...My suggestion would be to check it out. Works with PC and MAC.
I use Roxio's Toast 7 Titanium ($80.00)for Mac. It records and edits lp's. Very easy program to figure out.

Then wires: The AirPort Express Stereo Connection Kit ($40.00)with Monster Cables includes everything you need for connection to your Mac.

Like most in life better cost more.

Happy Holidays
Rip it with the Hagerman Ripper. Exactly what you are looking for.