Analog thru Tact 2.0s

Just picked up a Tact 2.0s with Aberdeen mods. Very nice! While much of my listening is digital (via a GNSC modded Wadia CDP and soon a SB3), vinyl is still quite important to me and I'm waiting on an ADC card for the Tact to hear what it can do.

What has your experience been playing vinyl via phono-pre thru the Tact 2.0s? Seems a bit counter-intuitive to run analog-digital-analog but I've got high hopes.

My turntable is a Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S with ZYX MC cartridge using a GNSC modded ARC SP9 preamp. I'm thinking I'll probably keep the SP9 as a phono-pre into the Tact if that works out.

Find the unmodified ad card a bit non-transparent. Would recommend getting a modded card. I will in the near future.
I did exactly that... I picked up a modded card from Anthony at Aberdeen and it sounds wonderful -- I'm totally pleased with phono thru the Tact at this point.