Analog Pre-Amp EMM DCC2?

How good is the built in analog pre-amp in the EMM Labs DCC2? If you own the DCC2 do you use an external pre-amp or do you want to? Do you find the pre-amp section to be of equal qaulity to the DAC section?
I use the analog preamp in the DCC2 as the main preamp for my system. It is an excellent preamp. In some ways it bettered the Lamm L2 that I had been running prior to my purchase of the Meitner gear. Based on what I have heard from others whose opinion I respect, I gather that it is possible to beat the performance of the DCC2's preamp, but the price tag to do so is very steep.
It is a great pre-amp and highly neutral. I use the analog inputs from my Casablanca processor into it when I want to use my 2 channel as the front L&R for my home theatre. it would stack up to the Emm switchman quality which is equavalent to the DAC quality. Do note that this section takes time (atleast 50-100hrs) to burn in and settle down.