Analog Output Voltage

If a given processor/preamp states in the specifications "Analog Output Voltage (0db)- Single Ended 8 volts rms" then one plays a given test tone through the cd player into the preamp, with the pre set at max output(0 db) then should the output measured on a single ended cable be close to 8 volts ac? 7 volts or higher, in the ballpark? Not 2 volts?

I don't know about the spec on your particular preamp, but 8 volts would be extraordinarily high for a main output voltage. 2 volts would be much more typical. My amp only requires an input of .6 volts for maximum output.
In the Guide to High End Audio, it says that preamps typically put out more than an amp needs. Nevertheless, wouldn't the output from the preamp depend on the input voltage from the CDP, and the gain offered by the preamp?