Analog output for hifi

On my Panasonic Plasma I had an analog output for my hifi. My new OLED does not have one. I have had brain surgery and have forgotten much of my knowledge. I have a composite audio/video output and a headphone output. I know that the Headphone is a higher level out put and should be attenuated for signal output. How can I adapt the audio/video to two channel output? In essence I want the best way to get a two channel analog for my stereo hifi? It has RCA inputs

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Hi Stan,

I think the composite audio/video outputs will work. Are they a L(black or white) and R(red) RCA audio jack? If so, you can connect the L&R composite audio outputs to your 2 channel rig.

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"composite" only refers to the video signal. :) The L and R RCA are normal line audio level.
Can you use the analog outs from your cable box, if any?
The LG OLED have only optical (digital) out and ARC return on one of the HDMI (digital and analog) inputs. 

Sorry but but you will need a DSP receiver or a DAC with optical in.

You can select what the TV sends from the menu (multi-channel or stereo)

The composite audio/video on the TV is likely an input and not an output. Here is how I connect my TV to a 2-channel system, and it works extremely well.

Digital output on the TV to this inexpensive DAC,

then analog L&R from it to the system. The digital output on the TV will need to be set to PCM. You could always use a more expensive DAC, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the sound of this cheap DAC. It is considered the best of the many at that price. Take a look at how it is built.

This will get things working well, and as I said, you can upgrade to a more expensive DAC later if you desire.

As TLS stated, use the digital output to an inexpensive DAC.  Even a cheap DAC will most likely have better quality than what's in the TV.

I use a short 3.5 mm to two RCA connectors cable, from the headphone output on my TV. However I get a slight hum in the audio.

Will a DAC used with the optical input to RCA output, on my TV eliminate the hum?
Plain DAC might not work since many TVs, includingPanasonics, output Dolby.  By default they output Dolby with ATSC and PCM with NTSC.  They don't have menu selection.  For that reason I got Samsung.  Check, if your TV has Dolby/PCM menu selection.
kijanki, obviously my Sony has a selection for PCM. Also, I just looked at a few manuals online for other brands, Panasonic included, and all had a selection for PCM in the menu. I suppose it is possible to not have it, but IMHO, this is not typical. It is true that no TV comes set to PCM, and it must be selected.

Don,  I was using a 3.5mm to RCA prior to getting the cheap DAC listed in my previous post, however no hum problem. I got the cheap DAC to see how it worked, thinking I would possibly get a better one. It was an improvement over the 3.5mm hookup, and currently I happy to just use it. I think there is a good possibility that if you change your setup to optical and a DAC, the hum might be eliminated. At 20 bucks for the DAC plus optical cable, it's cheap enough to try.

tls49, My daughter's Panasonic does not have menu selection.  None of Panasonics in ABT Electronics store had it.  Same for LG.  We checked manuals with specialist in the back of the store.  This problem with Panasonics was mentioned in many threads.  Below link to manual of new 4K Panasonics TVs:

On p.54 it states that:

When ATSC channel is selected, the output from DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack will be Dolby Digital.  When NTSC channel is selected, the output will be PCM.

kijanki, not so sure the specialist understood the manual. Look at p.160 in the manual under advanced settings. There is a selection between Auto and PCM. The PCM setting states, "Digital output signal is fixed to PCM". The statement on p.54 applies to what happens in the Auto setting.

Please understand I'm not trying to start a disagreement. I just want to provide the most correct information. I will investigate further and also look at a new LG manual. Just so you know, I'm retired now but worked in A/V and high end audio for over 25  years, and have even kept myself informed of the latest since retiring.
Not as simple as the Panasonic, but I have found how to set for PCM on the LG. In the user guide, go to 'Tour List of Settings', then

Quick Settings > Sound > Sound Out > Audio Out(Optical/HDMI/ARC) > Digital Sound Out and select PCM.

stanwal, you should be able to set your LG to PCM using the above procedure.

kijanki, I think the problem is that due to the difficulty in finding how to set a TV for PCM output, many just give up, and assume it can't be done. Again, I'll say that it may be possible that a TV could not be set to PCM, however this is not typical.

tls49, Thanks - that is very important info. I've spent 2 hours in the store and could not find it.  It ended all good (I love my Samsung), but Panasonics are nice.
kijanki, you are welcome, glad to help
After reading that a DAC is the way to go, I bought a Schiit multibit bifrost for my Sony TV.  Could not be more pleased after a 2 day break in. The opinions are correct, this is a great DAC.

The DAC was $600 direct from Schiit.

Set the Sony to PCM audio output, and the DAC feeds a Pass X1, Son of Ampzilla 2000, and Magnepan IIIa speakers in my high end home theater.

Wish I used a DAC instead of headphone output sooner!