Analog Out for Wadia RCA, or XLR?

I'm purchasing new interconnects, for my system and need some help on what to get for my Wadia 850. Balanced XLR, or Single ended RCA. Is there a sound difference????
I own an 850. I did a shootout over a year ago, same question. FJS is right, XLR won hands down. RCA is somehow subtractive. BTW I found the Madrigal CZGel too polite. I use a silver Goertz cable that I bought on audiogon - very natural and spatially correct!
Hi 59burst, I have a Wadia 830. I have run both types of connects and the XLR run directly to the amp (Aragon 8008BB) is much better. I hear things I didn't know were on the CD. The difference is worthwhile for the extra cost of XLR over RCA. I used Transparent super cables.