Analog or digital interconnects for cd player?

I would like a few opinions about whether one or the other sounds better? This is for cd redbook only. I hope I am answering this question correctly as I am a relative novice. Thanks.
If you are connecting your CD player to a pre-amp, integrated amplifier or receiver, you need to use a pair of analog interconnects.

If you CD player has a digital out and you want to use an external DAC (digital to analog converter) or you want to use the DAC built into a receiver, you would use a single coax or optical DIGITAL cable.

In order to get an accurate answer, we would need to know what type of other associated equipment you will be using.


HK 535 receiver and Marantz CD player with digital and analog outs. I am using the digital out not but was wondering if it would be worth buying some analog cables. Would the sound be different, better, worse.
If the cd player has a better DAC than the receiver it could sound better. You will need to listen yourself because sometimes better is only different. Some people hear no difference at all so this could also be the case.

Borrow so cables for the day and have a listen.