Analog or Digital and why?

Computers don't make very good guitars. Back in the 90's the debate raged with digital people saying one day digital will get so good, records will become obsolete. Well it's 25 years later and, well the digital thing never happened and analog never sounded better. However you got to remorgage your house. And buy records. 
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Just that Mike has invested to reach the full potential of both mediums, and for him, analog is the ultimate sound reproduction. Not sure why you would argue that result, but your question raises an interesting exercise.

Suppose you, meaning everyone, have everything in your system the way you want it--amps, preamp, stands, power, cables, speakers, subs, the room. But, you need a source, a front end---don’t have one at all, have to start fresh, don’t even have albums or CDs. Let’s say you have an amount worthy of your system to spend--say $35K to allow for various levels of gear, but you have to buy everything that is needed to play music, minus the albums, CDs, streamers, etc. You have a separate allowance for music, let’s say. Would you go with vinyl or digital?
jafreeman - No need to "apologize for  or defend"  the comment you made earlier it was obvious what you were attempting to say. 
Admittedly, I am far behind in digital technology.  I am barely aware of music servers--just what are they doing for their cost?  
Being new in this audiophile blogging, even so I have spent 55 years digging music to the upmost, one thing has become obvious, most of the serious audiophiles go to great length to attempt to prove that they have learned is the best way
I enjoy digital only with my actual NOS dac, bought more than 3 years ago and with my new system of the last 5 years but now rightfully embed...

My sound is analog, tubish, and detailed... No digital glare, no harshness, and non fatigue without end...

By the way i cannot even imagine to stock near 10,000 vinyl or even cd....At sixty nine i dont look for a house with a room for books and another room for music cd and vinyls and another room for audio system.... I must eliminate the cd and vinyl, keep the files, and i have already sold most of my books....i keep only the 400 hundred very important one near my bed ...


The most important part of an audio system is not electronic, it is the room, the room is at the same time digital and analog in his working, like all music produced now.... :)