Analog or Digital and why?

Computers don't make very good guitars. Back in the 90's the debate raged with digital people saying one day digital will get so good, records will become obsolete. Well it's 25 years later and, well the digital thing never happened and analog never sounded better. However you got to remorgage your house. And buy records. 
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Being new in this audiophile blogging, even so I have spent 55 years digging music to the upmost, one thing has become obvious, most of the serious audiophiles go to great length to attempt to prove that they have learned is the best way
It's not working. My attempts to improve my system are usually in the 3 digits tops, lol.
Sorry for not finishing above post, was sent before I finished. Trying to say I find some very helpful info in here, but you really have to weed through a lot of opinions to figure out who is trying to really help you and the ones who are only trying to sway you into their system as if it was the bible. Like a million dollar system will have any meanings to me or 99.99% of folks here. Music is not a money thing, it's from the heart, like any form of art. Great sound is good, good music is great.

Analog can sound great if recording was done right, terrible if poorly recorded, mastered, etc...
Digital is no different. It all has to do with each individual recording. To generalize is impossible. I have 10 times more vinyl than CDs but while most of my best sounding records are analog vinyl, some are digital CDs. I worked hard all my life and I love hard work. At 66 I still love hard work and that's why I love analog. Lazy people or ones who can't make the time should stay away from analog is my recommendation. It takes a lot of work to make your analog system sing, but there is no greater satisfaction than when you can achieve it. That being said digital fits perfectly into the instant gratification mode we live in now. Different kind of enjoyment is all.