Analog only system help

I am thinking about an analog only system. The CD will remain a part of the home theatre setup. But for really beloved music, I know even with my old Thorens TT analog is wonderous.

The speakers will be Sonus Faber Electra Amator II. According to others, the SF's love the right tube amplification. I have a Cary SLP-98p preamp that I may keep in this system or sell. It will only take MM input. I need to buy a new TT and amplification. My net incremental budget is about $4-5k, but that can change if there is compelling reason. I will probably buy used stuff. And I can do it in steps, if patience is required because the budget needs to grow. I am looking for the inflection point of cost/benefit.

The main thing I'd like to do is have as few boxes as possible, without trading off on sound quality - tt, integrated, speakers in a perfect world.

So, the questions are, can I get a used integrated for $4-5k than will equal Cary plus $2-3K into used amp? Are there any phono stages that have volume control so you can run directly into an amp?

I guess the question is: if you are only running analog, what's the way to load up on the pertinent functionality?

Many thanks.
Get a Audio Note Meishu Signature(with phono)...I believed there is one on will blow the Cary away.
I found a post once on the Asylum where a guy was comparing a vintage Sansui AU-555A integrated from the '70's with a Cary SAE3 Dual Mono Block tube set-up.The Sansui ran the Cary close in A/B listening tests probably without power conditioning and even had better bass.The lesson I don't know,but it didn't seem hard to get to that level with an Integrated Amp that would maybe cost $1500 new today.The Sansui AU-717 or AU-919 are said to be the best of those amps with their tube-like quality.
Thanks Edle, but I think the SF's are too inefficient for the Meishu @ 9 watts. And my wife is committed to the SF's because of visuals....