Analog Lp

My Lp collection is pre-1979. How does the newer stuff compare? Does it sound like a CD?
Older is better IMO.  New ones, besides often having a digital source, are sometimes made to sound snappier!  More treble, more bass.
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Dear @melm  : ""  sometimes made to sound snappier! More treble, more bass. ""

and what's wrong with that because that's the way live MUSIC seated at nera field position as it's where the recording microphones are " seated ".

Problem is that you don't really like MUSIC per sé or don't attend very often to live MUSIC events seated at that listen position and we need these kind of live MUSIC experiences to know a little why or why not our system audio items are performing the way are performing.

@bernard246 you need to listen in your room system, normally contemporary LPs sounds better.

Btw, which the problem or if you have a problem with the digital alternative?

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
As you said your records are pre-1979, and this is true analog recodrings. It was the era when mastering and pressing was on the highest level, Japanese pressing of the same releases normally even better. Listen to your favorite music just like it was recorded, mastered and approved by the artists when it came out on vinyl. Very few reissues can sound better than this, if you don’t want to hear something overcompressed, digitally remastered today by strangers (not related to the band) and reissued by someone who just bought copyright. Rember, musicians from the 60’s - 70’s era are old today and they are happy if someone reissue their music in any format, they don’t care much and can’t control the whole process anyway. There is a huge difference between audiophile reissues and normal reissues. 180g press is not an indication of the better quality at all. But even if an audiophile reissue is from the master tape, don’t forget that tape is over 40 y.o. today (not fresh). 
Most of my collection is music from the 70’s (original vinyl). I don’t like the quality of reissues sonically. 
I tend to agree with chakster 100%.  None of the ones I have purchased sound as good as my originals.  I'll take the pops & ticks and like them.