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My Lp collection is pre-1979. How does the newer stuff compare? Does it sound like a CD?

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@melm  : Thk's, God bless you.

Dear @melm : First than all sorry that my post made that your anger goes out at that high level, was not my intention but I’m sure that after you posted you feel better because than anger gone.

May be I’m all what you said but I’m not to sure about because in the same way I know you are not stupid you know neither I’m, so that stupid was anot only an expression but a true insult due to your anger levels.Even that I did not take as an " insult " , so don’t bad feelings from my part. Ignorant yes, I have a lot of " holes "  inside my not so high knowledge levels with MUSIC and audio but each day I'm trying to learn and trying to improve that knowledge level and skills too.

Here what you posted:

"" sometimes made to sound snappier! More treble, more bass. ""

my direct answer was:

"" and what’s wrong with that because that’s the way live MUSIC seated at near field position as it’s where the recording microphones are " seated ".

Good that you are a music lover as me, then I can’t understand your first post and from there came the answer posted.

In the other side that you are a player is fine but does not gives you a true advantage when we are talking of an audio room/system music reproduction enviroment.
Example with you: you use the worst tonearm type bearing design that’s the unipivot that can’t fulfill cartridge needs the dual ones neither, second mistake you use tube electronics, third even that your Rogue preamp has a SS output buffer device and that use balanced cables those 8m. distance from the preamp to amp degrades the cartridge signal, etc, etc. What you are listening is not at the same high quality resolution I or other gentlemans listen to. I post this not to open a new window in this thread but only to put things in perspective for you and me.

You posted:

""" there are no better disks than some of them cut in the golden age of vinyl ..."""

that statement is false. Contemporary recordings and contemporary engineers have better and wider resources to make recordings and here there are some labels with that kind of quality that almost all outperforms all those good vintage recordings.

Btw, any one of us need to buy some of the LPs from these labels and listen to its sound not if the players does a good or bad job or if you like the score or not just evaluation of the LP sound quality :

ACT Music, ATR, FIM, Opus3, Stockfish, Clarity, Stereophile, Audioquest, RR, Sheffield Labs ( and I’m not refering to the D2D ones. ), Wilson Audio, Water Lily, Athena, Levinson, Rega, Propirous, VTL, OMR, WindMusic, ECM ,etc, etc.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

Dear @melm  : ""  sometimes made to sound snappier! More treble, more bass. ""

and what's wrong with that because that's the way live MUSIC seated at nera field position as it's where the recording microphones are " seated ".

Problem is that you don't really like MUSIC per sé or don't attend very often to live MUSIC events seated at that listen position and we need these kind of live MUSIC experiences to know a little why or why not our system audio items are performing the way are performing.

@bernard246 you need to listen in your room system, normally contemporary LPs sounds better.

Btw, which the problem or if you have a problem with the digital alternative?

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,