Analog Lp

My Lp collection is pre-1979. How does the newer stuff compare? Does it sound like a CD?

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Older is better IMO.  New ones, besides often having a digital source, are sometimes made to sound snappier!  More treble, more bass.

How ignorant of you to suggest that I do not like music.

Also, how stupid to suggest that someone whom you do not know does not go to concerts.  I go regularly (before Covid) to concerts, principally concerts of unamplified music.  I generally do not go to concerts where the music comes through microphones and loudspeakers.  

And I play music, as do others in my family   So I know how music should sound.  The re-equalization that modern record producers so often do to great old tapes takes us further from the real thing I think.  

IMO, there are no better disks than some of them cut in the golden age of vinyl.  And, even used, they command the highest prices.
@rauliruegas, You wrote, "May be I’m all what you said"