Analog interconnects used for digital

Can I use analog interconnects for digital interconnects? I have seperate transport/jitterbug/converter. I was think of buying a used pair of balanced analog interconnects and using 1 from trans-jitterbug and 1 from jitterbug to d/a converter. Has anyone done this? How well does it work?
Thanks in advance for your responses.
Don't do it! Analog interconnects are nominally 300 ohms; digital interconnects need to be 75 ohms and VERY wide bandwidth or you'll get lots of jitter. If you need to do digital interconnects for no $, try a 75 ohm VIDEO interconnect; won't be perfect, but much better than using a standard cable.
Thanks Joe, I didn't know about this difference.
Balanced digital cables are 110 Ohms, single ended are 75 Ohms. If you are interested, I have several balanced digital cables that I can let go cheap.
I have tried using a pair of balanced audio interconnects (Transparent) going from transport to DTI 2.0 and from DTI to DAC. It did not work. The soundstage collapsed. The midrange took on a recessed/veiled sound. This was not good. If you want to play around with balanced digital cables either pick up some used ones or try the Apogee's. They only cost around $30-40 and you can get them at Sam Ash (Pro Audio Dept) with a 15 day right of return. The Apogee's are not the most tranparent digital cables around-they are somewhat grainy, but they can sound forgiving and may work well in the right systems. I have also tried the Van Den Hul analog rca cables as digital cables a couple of years ago when I believe Stereophile recommended them, but they didn't work either (as digital cables). I am not a techie, but I believe there is something about the 75 (or 110) ohm spec that affects how the bits and bytes flow thru the cable.
Yes, Joe Stereophile recommended the Van Den Hul "The First" as a digital cable. Van den hul now packages one cable instead of just pairs for this purpose. There is a couple articles on this on their web site.
I know there are technical reasons NOT to do so, but I found that a Tara interconnect was one of the better digital cables I used. I ultimately chose the Illuminati, but the differences were not monumental. I always recommend experimenting to find out what sounds best to you.
As stated above ideally your digital interconnect should be designed with correct load termination and bandwidth in mind for the best performance. As a temporary (emergency..??) measure you can sometimes utilize a good quality interconnect, but look to using a minimum cable length above 60 inches to get the best performance under these circumstances, regards, Richard