Analog Guys: Why Kimber?

I am often curious why so many analog dudes use kimber spk cables?
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I never really noticed that. I use Sonoran cables. Perhaps it is just that Kimber is a very popular brand with a long history and alot of different models at different prices. It would stand to reason that the more common cables would be used by more people, and some would just happen to be analog users. But maybe there is some other reason that I am not aware of. If there is some reason, I'd like to know what it is.
It has to do with the alignment of the sun and the planet earth in conjuction with the gravitational pull shared with the moon.

The same reason so many people drive Fords and Chevrolets and Toyota's and Honda's- they're affordable reliable representations of automobiles. Sure you can get better but its going to cost you and to some its worth it. FWIW I haven't really noticed a high percentage of analog folks using kimber but then again I never really paid attention.
I don't use Kimber !
I think most dealers back in the day mainly carried Kimber as their high end cable solution.
Maybe some of the analog dudes recall simpler times. New components used to come with cables. They did the job and as long as they weren't intermittant you thanked your lucky stars. And back then, the only consideration in speaker cables was the gauge of the lamp cord. Then along came products like gold-ends and monster cable. All of a sudden there were recognizable choices. The rest is history - nowadays we're flooded with alternatives. From this perspective, Kimber offers a dude some sensible ways to take part in the cable frenzy without going overboard.
Here's my perspective after hearing & owning some Kimber Kables:-
I think that Ray Kimber produces some good cables for the money. They are reasonably expensive (!) so that the buyer feels that he/she is not buying zip cord & feels that he/she has reached some status of being an "audiophile" but they are not so expensive that they put the buyer off. I'm thinking of the PBJ, Hero, Silver Streak, 8TC, 4TC, 4VS & 8VS - no experience w/ the new Tonics. All very good for the money spent.
Additionally, as Rockvirgo pointed out, Kimber's been in operation for quite some time when we didn't have all the choices that we do today so many/most dealers stocked Kimber when they discovered that they did more things correctly than incorrectly.
Sure there are others that will beat Kimber but the money outlay *used* to be much more. Today, it's quite different! Kimber still represents good value for money but his competition is fierce.