Analog GURUs out there....what cartridge do I need

Need some advise on cartridges.
What should I get? Budget would be based on the used market and maximum would be ~ $750. MM or MC?
I love resolution and GAIN!!!!! I have a good system backing up this Analog front end. Thanks

Table:GYRO Spider edition
Arm: SME310
Phono Preamp: Allnic H-1200
Frequency (R.I.A.A) : 20Hz - 20KHz(±0.3db)
Voltage Gain : +36db (1 KHz) MM
+64db (1 KHz) MC

Input Impedance : MC upto 52Ω
MM 47kΩ

Maximum Input Voltage (MM, non-clipping) :
20Hz / 30mV
100Hz / 60mV
1KHz / 300mV
10KHz / 500mV

Appreciate all inputs and please stay within the topic, I need some answers to be honest. Thank you kindly.
Nagaoka MP 50 MM cartridge 350 $ is a killer.
I have a SME 345 with an Audio Quest 7000Fe cartridge on a Thorens 124 MKII in a heavy plinth.To my ears it is a perfect match.It is a little more than $750 but well worth it in my opinion.
Hard to beat the Sumiko Blackbird or less expensive BPS. I have used Sumiko, but close in quality is the Audio Technica AT150MLX, a sleeper of a cartridge, and can be found for 250.00 new...a steal, list 500.00. sounds like a good MC, way better than a Shure.
Grado Statement Master 800$USD
If you love resolution, Grado won't give it to you. They are musical, but resolving, they are not.
Dynavector 20xL should work great with your allnic.
Well I have a Grado Black very entry level and calibrated professionally and with that preamp just as a test run for my sytem, not enough gain so.....running through my Ayre.

How do you know which cartridge to go with based on the to match so that you have proper gain?
You're preamp has plenty of gain for just about anything, though you may need to crank it up more on the real flea outputs. But it only goes to 52 Ohms for MC? Should that be 520 Ohms? 52 Ohms will sound dull with some MC carts that like over 100 Ohms (e.g. Benz low output carts).

I have a Gyro SE with an SME 309, so very similar to your rig. Cartridges I've used with it:

AT33PTG (.5mV)
Benz Ace High (2.5mV)
Benz Wood L2 (.4mV)

The latest incarnation of the Ace is at the top of your price range. It's good all around, except for only OK tracking, but what it's really got going for it is its lively "you are there" midrange. The L2 is even more startling in this regard and more refined all around (though no better at tracking), but I think I could live happily with the Ace. I haven't heard the Glider, which is in between these in the Benz lineup, but I prefer a body on the cart to provide at least a little protection to the cantilever.

The AT33 is smooth, neutral, with a sweet treble, excellent dynamics, and is very quiet in the groove. It tracking is excellent. In some ways, certainly in quietness and tracking, it bests even the L2, but lacks the midrange transparency of the Benz carts. Dropping the loading as low as possible (AT specifies 20 Ohms and up) may help in this regard. This is the cart I'm currently using. I'd have stuck with the L2 but for the retipping expense.

The AT150 has a very clear, realistic midrange and good bass and "PRAT", but I found the top end rather wearying. This may be a case of getting just the right capacitive loading. Like the AT33, it's an excellent tracker.
Oops, sorry, now I see that that's internal impedance up to 52 Ohms.
So does this mean I need a new phono preamp with more options or a different cartridge? I dont have enough loudness to my taste. I secondary system has more gain...Musical Fidelity integrated / egglestonworks / Sota with grado black.

Something is not quite matching for sure...
Where can you get an MP 50 for $350?