Analog Gurus in Washington DC


I've been setting up my Clearaudio cartridge for a while now. I'm pretty sure it's sorted, but I would really feel better if I had someone take a look at it....and the rest of my system, for that matter.

Is there a REALLY good analog expert in the DC area? Generally the yahoos at the audio stores aren't worth the trouble, which is why I mail ordered this deck from Galen Carrol.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'd also enjoy meeting some folks from the area...

The "DC area" is geographically large. Where exactly do you live? For example, I live in West Bethesda, near the Potomac. (Glen Echo, actually.)
Why don't you try registering with

That's a huge audio community and you will be able to find lots of members from DC area...
I'm out in western Loudoun, but get to DC a lot........
Check out my man Lynn Hopffgarten at Boulevard Audio. Very knowledgeable vinyl guy, and he (and his staff) setup my table after a recent move. He works from a home studio in Alexandria, VA. Here is his site:

Good luck!
Wish I'd known...going to be visiting Lewm's neighbor up the street in a couple weeks to align his 'table...probably not enough time to do others, alas...
Try Dejavu audio. Vu is am acquaintance of mine, not a friend per se but he is an audio guru of some renown. He is in Alexandria and is o pen 7 days a week.
Actually, Deja Vu audio is in McLean VA, which might actually be better for you in terms of distance. I second the recommendation for Lynn Hopffgarten, however. First class guy, and knows his analog.
I recommend Gifted Listener in Fairfax County. Here's the website:
Tom Unger, the owner, is a great guy and has taken good care of my Linn LP-12.