Analog Expert, please help me

My new cartridge : Van Den Hull Colibri 1.0 Mv is on the way as well with my turntable Aries with JMW 10.

I know that the Colibri need low effective mass arm and i know nothing how to count the effective mass.

Is the JMW 10 pefect for the ultra light Colibri ?
Could someone let me know about the effective mass JMW 10 or JMW 12.5 !

I really want to upgrade to JMW 12.5,is that better or worst ?

What the best preamp for the colibri under $4000 new/used ?
Is the Sonic Frontier SE 1 perfect for the Colibri ?

Thanks and i really appreciate any comment.
You may contact the manufacturer for the effective mass specs as well as asking them of their experience with the Colibri or similar cartridges. Click on "Manufacturer's Listing" just about "Discussion" on 'Gons front page for manufacturer contact information.

Preamp under $4K---Klyne Audio Arts.
Preamp under $2K- Audible Illusion Mod3A, upgrade the tubes to NOS premium grade. 1.0 mv works well with the built in phono pre. Good luck.