Analog dilemma

I have a Denon Dp-59L turntable that will be connected to an Onkyo SR-876 A/V receiver. Due to placement of the TT and A/V receiver, an interconnect of 10/12 feet will have to be used between the table and the receiver. There is no possibility to change the placement of the table and/or the receiver.

The SR876 receiver is reported to have the same phono section as the Onkyo A-9555 integrated amp which is in my opinion a mid-level phono section. If it were not for having to use the 10/12 IC, I would have no qualms about using the receiver's phono section. However due to the 10/12 IC, I'm wondering if it might be beneficial to use a separate phono section/amp (maximum of $300/400.00 used) between the TT and receiver - and if so, which phono secton/amp.

Would also appreciate opinions and recommendations for one of the following MM cartridges: Grado Gold Prestige, Audio-Technica AT150MLX and Shure M97XE.

Lastly, the table has a solid wood bottom on which the feet are attached. Would it be safe or advisable for me to use three Star Sound Audio Points instead of using the table's feet??

Thanks for all suggestions and opinions.
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Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks very much for your response. I just happen to have some vampire connectors on hand! Could you tell me please the number on the outer jacket of the Belden cable. Many thanks. Wally.
IMHO, the Audio Technica AT150MLX is one of the best values in a MM cartridge available. I've tried the Shure and found the AT to be much better. The Denon DL110/DL160 are also very good.
You may make the 12 foot stretch, but you'd be better off with a decent phono stage pushing the signal that far. You can get a pretty good one in your price range for sure.