Analog digital converters

Can anyone point me in the right direction here. Was trying to find out information on A/D converters. Have a bunch of old concert tapes that I wish to convert over to digiatl format. Tried searching the forums and nothing looked good.
I believe the Meridian 562 will fulfill your needs as an ADC. I have one that takes my analog sources and outputs them to digital. The 562 has been around a long time and since you don't need video switching, you can go with a regular (non-"V" version). They're not terribly expensive and are built like tanks.
My Korg MR1000 hard drive recorder converts analog to digital, up to 5.6mHz DSD. Then from there you can convert it to almost any digital format that you like. I use it to archive D2D LPs and other treasured LPs.

Still, I'll be watching with you for other suggestions.

What is your budget and what level of quality are you going to be happy with?
I use an E-MU 1616M soundcard (List $500) that has pretty good A/D conversion for doing Hi-Rez needledrops. I like it, although it has way more features than I need. I think the 1212M may be a good bang for the back as well and is a lot less money.
behringer makes an inexpensive a/d d/a that I use to digitize records. There are other units by m-audio as well as digital recorders with line in and out connections. Look in sweetwater catalog or guitar center online.
I use an M-Audio Audiophile USB outboard sound "card" that I found on eBay and paid well under $100 for. However I would love to have an Apogee Rosetta 200 one day, for well over ten times the price. In between, my choice would be an Apogee Mini-Me with USB.
Wadia makes a pair of units:

Thank you for the suggustions. I think that there are several good ideas here. As to the issue of quality these tapes are old Grateful Dead recordings that are more for history that anything. But in the furture I think that it would be good to be prepared with equiptment that will give a good quality digital recording.
I did see the Wadia but I have a hunch that that maybe out of my price range the Apogee equiptment may fit in but tight. I do like the fact that the one is both a A/D and D/A. makes for one piece of equiptment.
is the concensus that 24bit/192kHz converters are required to fully realize the potential of lp's? they all seem to be more than $2K.
Hoping to hear more about the korg unit.
What brands make adc's, it seems like a small field?
Just trying to reawaken this thread.
I just learned of another adc: The Universal Audio 2192 Master Audio Interface.
How does this rate to the korg that does 5.6mhz, while the universal audio 2192 does only up to 192hz as far as I know?
Ultimately Korg needs to release a dac that does the dsd 5.6 format for playback rather than force the owner to transfer the data back to the korg recorder in order to hear it at the highest resolution of 5.6, since the pc in which the music is stored in in digital will playback up to 96k only. To rephrase that in case it's confusing, the only way to hear recorded music that was recorded in dsd format it must be played back through the korg itself.
So many new machines are coming out now, in the latest TAS January 2009 there is a write up of the Berkeley dac that supposedly is awesome, it goes up to 176.4k. In the article it says that this unit comes close to the sound of live mic feed, so then would 176.4 be enough, is 5.6mhz overkill or not as good?
Sorry to sound confused, but it is confusing, how can 176.4 be enough when all this time dsd 5.6mhz was still not perfect?