Anagram STARS Resampling dsp - which brands?


I am interested if other brands than Audio Aero, Audiomeca or Camelot use this special upsampling dsp-chip? Are some of the big players also involved?

Thanks, Walter
I think Mark Levinson uses it in the 390S player.
Nagra, Talk Electronics and, perhaps, Stello.
Actually I think ONLY Audio Aero uses the STARS technology. The others listed use the Anagram chipset, but a different resampling technique. This is one thing that seperates the Aero from the others.
Its not the chip, its the software! If I recall correctly there is nothing special about the 32 biit DSP chip that is used by Anagram Tech, but it what it is programmed to do along with the DACs used (i.e. the STARS technology) that really determines the ultimate results here.
Hi Philefreak,

are you sure that the new Levinson uses the Anagram resampling technology? I found no info confirming this fact on their hp. The German mag stereo shows the whole platine-layout. Didn't find any Anagram signed chip.

I'm not positive, A friend has a 390S and he claims that it has the Anagram. M L doesn't disclose what chipset they use. I don't know how my friend knows( and maybe he could be wrong) but it does sound excellent!

found there an older post, where Jtinn claims also the using of Anagram in the ML390:

Maybe it is true! Would be good news for the outcoming ML40 or new Proceed AVPII.

The original and still the top application of the Stars system is the Audiomeca.Check our website.It will explain completly what the difference is from other users of the dac.