An upfront and intimate player

continuing my search for a cd player for my system...

have learned from auditioning the BAT VK D5SE that I don't really care for a mellow, laid back sound. the BAT has a wide soundstage, but to me, sounds "cavernous", with voices and instruments placed back behind the speakers.

i'd like to audition a player that is more immediate, upfront and intimate sounding.

any suggestions?
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Hello Dennis_the_menace, "i'd like to audition a player that is more immediate, upfront and intimate sounding". You are describing the sound a Krell CD Player. It will slam in your face even you are watching it. :-)


You are describing something which WADIA's philosophy might be able to deliver. The DigiMaster filter really does the trick when it comes to music rather than to sound. See their webpage
Good luck!
Hi Dennis,
You might want to try a Wadia 860x or 861. I don't know exactly what you are looking to spend, but the Wadias are great players, well built, and will offer the kind of presentation you're looking for. I had a BAT VK D5 and found it to have the same qualities that you did..very laid back, but with an expansive sound stage. I even considered buying an"SE", but thought that I would get more of the same sound, although a little more refined. I wanted something that was more immediate, with better definition, that sounded a little more like the real thing to me. I found that with the Wadias. I went from an 850 to an 860x and finally to an 861 and with each move I got closer to where I wanted to be. Give any one a listen if you get a chance. I don't think that you will be disappointed...Skip
You are describing the Resolution Audio Opus 21
HI Dennis, I have never heard this player, but I thought I'd mention it since it seems to be all the rage in the UK right now for precisely the sound you're asking for :
Naim CD5. Apparently much better than previous Naim players, very dynamic and detailed without being too in-your-face. It might be worth a listen if you can find a nearby dealer.
Much better for budget that superbly fits your description is GamuT CD1.
I would suggest a Krell KAV 300 or even higher..
The Krell is definately more forward and still very musical..It has a wider soundstage than my old Classe..
Excellent build quality...
The wadia is a nice piece too... I am not sure of the price.
Good luck,