An Unusual Question -- Equipment Rental/Loans

I have an unusual question. Here's the deal.

My ARC Ref 5 will be shipped to the factory on Monday the 25th for the SE upgrade. I gather the Ref 5 will be tied up with ARC for at least two weeks. So, I'm minus a linestage which means I'm out of business for the duration.

The question is whether there's anyone out there who rents equipment for situations like mine. I would be looking to rent an ARC LS 27, a Ref 3 or a Ref 5. I live in the Philly area.

Thanks for the help.

Why not try something completely different ? Like a SolidState Preamp.

Hypothetically speaking - your significant other is a blonde - odds are you'd pick a brunette for an affair :-)

If you pay for shipping both ways, probably about $ 100 each way, I'd loan you a Olympia LX for the period. Then write about your experience with the LX here upon return of the Preamp would be all I'd ask.

Olympia LX

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I had the same problem when I needed to send my Ref 110 to ARC. The easiest way was to just let my ARC dealer ship my amp. He then let me borrow one of his demo amps until mine was back.
Don't critically listen to music for the few weeks. Every now and then give your ears and mind a break. Your system will sound that much better when you go back to the routine.
LOL!! Yeah, like high end audio isn't enough of a niche market already....loaners.......Hahahahahaha

Now I am also in the Philly area (19001), and I happen to have a VAC Auricle preamp. You are welcome to 'rent' it if you want, but it's not an ARC (I used to own a Ref 3). Unbalanced RCA's only.

Thanks for the kind offer JMC. But my hook-up to and from are all balanced. But I am very grateful for the kind offer.
Onhwy... wish I could. But between my SO, kids and job, my stereo is what keeps me fom climbing tall towers. And no, I do not work for the US Postal service.
Lostbears, you gave me an idea. I bought the Ref 5 off A'gon, but I bought my VS-115 and PH-8 from the same dealer. Maybe he'd do me a favor. If I don't ask, I know what the answer will be. Thanks.
No worries Bifwynne, I hope your dealer can accomadate you.
Head to Best Buy for a unit that can be returned with no re stocking fees.
Head to Best Buy for a unit that can be returned with no re stocking fees.

That is not cool, basically stealing. I know people take advantage of these policies but it is just plain wrong.

I bought a used integrated here on agon that I had been wanting to try out one time while my main unit was in the shop. Worked out great, had fun, and was able to sell it for what I had invested.
+1 on what Truemaineiac says, that's not cool. I also did what Truemaneiac did, and as I recall, that is how I first stumbled upon the VAC Avatar Super, which can play well above it's price range. I also wound up selling it later for no loss (outside of shipping costs).
Thanks Guys. All good suggestions. I'm sure the Best Buy suggestion was made with good intentions, but that idea is not my style. I'm hoping my dealer comes back to me. I sent the message a day or so ago. Maybe he'll come back to me tomorrow.
So what did you end up with as a loaner ?

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I'm on the list as well for the upgrade. My dealer said he will loan me a preamp until mine comes back. How long have you been on the list for the upgrade?
Pbnaudio: I took a pass at 2 options. Option 1- I had to send the Ref 5 to an ARC dealer who in turn would send it to ARC. He said he would send me a pre as a loaner. Too much trouble dealing with common carriers and it would have extended the whole process because of the time lost dealing with the dealer. Option 2 - a local audio guy agreed to rent me a Classe pre for $100. That option is open, but I've been too busy to drive to his store, which is 45 mins away. Bottom line is that I just sent the Ref 5 to ARC and the factory took delivery yesterday. I'm hoping ARC can do the turn-a-round within a week. Meanwhile, my rig is "Out of Order" and my wife is happy and I am sad. :>(

Eearl: I signed up ONE YEAR ago. I was #4 on the list at that time. The reason for the delay was supplier problems. Kal explained that a key supplier's factory burned down and ARC was having difficulties getting critical parts -- just enough to meet current production demands, but not enough to do upgrades. My suggestion is to call Kal. The situation may be corrected and turn-a-round may be improved. I wish you luck.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to get mt Ref 5 SE back. I've been assured by others that the improvement will be worth the bucks and wait. I'm dubious. I've come to believe that further improvements will cost disproportionate amount of bucks -- law of diminishing returns. As I mentioned before, future bucks will be spent on picking up new LPs and CDs, and maybe trying out a new carty. In the meantime, I will listen to music and stop listening to equipment.
You are right about the laws of diminishing returns. However, I'm sure that you will find the results staggering and worthwhile, after listening to nothing for a couple of weeks. ;)
I also agree with Jmcgrogan. Bifwynne, Since you are already very happy,
the upgrade is what I would choose to do as well.