An Other Phono Pre-Amp Question

I currently have a scoutmaster/benz ace, and I'm using the phono section in my CJ pv10b. If I purchase an EAR 834p am I going to say WOW!! what an improvement? Thanks........
There's no question the 834P will sound better than the PV10B phono section. Will it blow you away? It might. Why don't you pick one up and let us know. If you don't like it, you can always recoup what you spent.

Two other giant-killer phono stages are the Eastern Electric MiniMax and the Wright AG Phono.

btw, I just read Sam Telig's 2002 review of the PV10B and saw that the power cord can't be upgraded. If so, that's a shame.
Maybe. My experience was that when I replaced a Krell KPE reference phono pre with the 834P on an Aries/Koetsu rig I did say WOW, what an improvement. And I said it again when I replaced all the tubes in it with NOS Telefunken 12AX7s.