An Onkyo 6 disc cd changer can make a difference

It was a complete surprise. I just bought my mom an Onkyo 6 disc cd changer to replace an old Kenwood cd player and the difference was quite amazing. The treble was quite soother than the upper lift in the midrange now mostly gone. Soundstage has layers that I never heard before.

I only bought it because it comes with a remote control and convenient for her but the improvment in sound had caught me quite unexpectedly. Imagine what can be had with a better cdp.

The speakers was stand-mount diy using Hiquphon tweeter + Seas Exel W15 driver. The amp is Arcam A90.
I own an Onkyo Integra DPC 8.5, a six-disc carousel which replaced an older Onkyo Integra six disc CD changer. As I understand it, Onkyo is among the smoother sounding Japanese players. The DPC 8.5 has a button to bypass all video circuitry, and this improves sonic detail. The unit benefits greatly when the Dodson 217 II D DAC is put in the signal path as an outboard digital to analog converter.
Same Wolfson DAC as found in Arcam gear, so no real surprise... I'm looking at Onkyo as a "cheap" DVD solution.