An older model Magnepan question, 10.1

Some years back, I was in the Twin Cities and listened to the Magnepan 10.1 (10?). I did not buy them, but later owned the 1.6,, 20 ..etc. If anyone remembers or is using the 10.1, I would have interest in hearing about your experience/opinion. I know memory can be through "rose colored glasses", but I do remember those beyond what I remember about most other showroom demos. Thanks.

I was a Magnepan dealer and personally owned a pair of 10.1QR's.  They were designed to be used with a subwoofer.

Magnepan only rated them down to 80hz and in most rooms, you were lucky to get 100hz out of them.

They sounded like typical Maggies.  Fast, clear, open, but no bass.

Thanks mofi, what you say fits my outdated memory.