An older audiophiles new equipment

The pandemic and persistent wearing of masks in the hospital forced me to confront difficulties hearing or understanding elderly patients, especially women.  A hearing test almost moderate loss in the 1 to 7k range.   Initial trial of Kirkland device sounded like a computer generated voice.   Discourages dropped this issue until a chance meeting with an audiologist.  He confirmed the loss and suggested a Widex moment.  What a world of difference in the busy er of alarms, masks, and frail.  How is this device going to measure up to a 3k dac and 7k speakers.   Listening at lower volumes and hearing details.  I had stopped most of my lp use thinking the more modest priced cartridge was the culprit.  Spent hours with vinyl.

 Did a google search and Michael fremer gave thrm

a positive review   Wanted to share this with those with tinnitus and decreased acuity   “What a drag it is getting old”  M Jagger



I'm with you on this. In spite of my tinnitus and hearing loss, I'm enjoying my system and music more than ever these days, so it makes getting old not so hard to take.

Stay well, enjoy,


I haven't minded all that much growing old.  I see my family grow and flourish, see the result of my career, those I mentored, all the books I read, the music I listen to, the concerts I saw/heard.  All of it makes a full life.  For me, anyway.  I'll be 70 in September.  



You are lucky, my friend, I lost all my hearing in one ear and I have a 100-thousand-dollar cochlear implant that sounds like a busted transistor radio. My other ear is good and I listen in a near mono stereo setup. Be thankful for the hearing you have.