An old Thorens TD125 MkII with SME 3009 or a Linn Sondek with Ittok ?

I dont want to spend more than a few hundred (500 TOPS) for the cartridge either, including replacement styli..

Opinions ?


I ran a Nagaoka MP11 and an Ortofon MC3 fine. If you want a big bang for the buck, a Nag MP110 will sound great for $110.
I recently heard a TD125 and was pretty floored.  I would say its pretty close to the Linn, the Linn may edge it out, but not by much.
An Ittok on a TD-125 beats the LP12, in my opinion. And in my experience — I had both TTs, and bought another Ittok. Using identical cartridges in identical condition, Thorens was a clear winner. I sold the LP12. It was also a more troublesome turntable; I liked the sound but didn't like using it.