An old favorite, not played for some time, and just pulled out..still superb

Not that you are in the market to spend money, but a CD (formerly on LP) that I am re-learning to love and listen to again. 

Chet Baker- She Was Too Good To Me.  With some of the best in supporting roles, including Paul Desmond.  If you like classic Jazz/Standards done by an real "all-star" group, this might be worth a listen.  Mr. Baker was a very interesting person for a few decades. : she was too good to me

This has been happening for a year since I rekindled my setup and got a streaming service!!  Recently, it has been Curtis Mayfield "Superfly".  Great sounding production also.  Also listened to Glen Miller "In the Digital Mood"  Really fun stuff.  The kids and wife and I used to dance around when I would play it.  And that was 25 yrs ago.

Been listening to some Dallas Wind Symphony, Fritz Reiner and other old standbys.  Once again hadn't heard for a couple decades.
More people should know about the Dallas Wind Symphony, very much world class.

One of the many reasons that make the Twin Cities the best place to live
for serious lovers  of music .