An Ode to the 0d3?

This tube is a crafty piece. How you say--let me begin with my preamp. I have a BEZ-Q3B from China that uses two 6922(curretly using Mullards),one 5Z4(a Mullard CV2748),and that 0d3(a JAN Philips ECG). Until recently I didn't know what the 0d3 did with the other tubes mentioned and probably still don't quite have a handle on it. The pre came with the stock chinese tubes so I knew a rolling of the tubes were the first order of business. Well after some trial and error I have found a combo that like a fine tuned muscle car takes my music beyond anything I have to this point been able to reproduce. The kick in the pants is that the 0d3 tube is what makes this possible. I always thought the driver tubes would dictate the sonics in most cases but not the case in my rig. I have used other NOS tubes from GE,RCA, but this Philips JAN is kicking all others to the curb. Those of you who are more seasoned with this tube and have the chance to try this will hear what I'm talking about. I don't mean to babble but wanted to share my excitment and findings. Thanks for your patience-- : )