An interview with Vinnie Rossi

The king is dead , long live the king

The older models are discontinued.  The Brama is coming.

I long to receive mine ( Integrated ).  My endgame audio gear .





Many thanks

Some says that the specs do not tell you much about the whole sound :

the final products. It woukd be the integration of all these.

But with the Covid restrictions , there are no more audio shows.
So no possibilities to listen to these gears before buying.

I am going quite blind with this new acquisition.
I am selling my Soulution INT 330 to get this Brama.
My speakers are Audiovector R6 Arreté . I stream with LuminX1

There will be also a HT processor link to the Brama

The Room has acoustic treatment and is 12´ X 8 ´ X open at the back to

the kitchen . Listen from low and to mid level.

You are a bit of my ´´ go to ´´ member when , specs are in play


These are pretty typical specs.  The only two things that would really be important is the 1750VA transformer, which tells us it is a really good size transformer for providing current for bass response.  The other thing is the use of Belleson SPX-VR regulators for the solid-state input stage.  The Belleson are discrete regulators which are better than the monolothic regulators such as the common 78xx / 79xx type.

None of this is really going to tel you what it sounds like, but the Vinnie Rossi looks to be a very nicely engineered piece.


hi, I would like to have , your opinion . What do these specs , tell you.

I do not understand much about this  .
Vinnie Rossi Brama Integrated amplifier . I ordered one . Thanks


The power supply is the foundation of a high-performance audio component. Here is a teaser pic of Brama Integrated Amplifier power supply assemblies in the works:

• Custom-designed, 1750VA toroid transformer with dual-mono
secondary windings (for both L and R linestage & power output stages). Fully encapsulated in epoxy resin and shielded.

• 60-amp ultra-fast, soft-recovery diodes

• Belleson "SPX-VR" patented super-regulated power supplies for the L/R linestage sections and their 300B cathode heating.

• Separate, isolated power module for all control and gauge circuitry.

• Responsive and resilienty power supplies that continuously monitor the AC mains voltage (both under and overvoltage protection)

• Automatic reporting of diagnostics information to Brama Remote

Beautiful looking units.  Interesting to see how close they can make a solid state sound like a 300b SET?  Adjustable amplification?  Hmm.. I guess I wouldn't then need to own 8 different amps?  If space is your consideration and not money, this could be fun.  Their integrated is $39k.  Now that's a commitment.  I will have to search out for a listen.  This then creates another concern, is there a speaker that has adjustable sensitivity to adjust to how you are setting the amp?  I have always bought either the amp or speakers first and then bought the other to match, after lots of auditioning.  I guess with this, just find speakers you like and this amp can be adjusted to match.