An interview with Vinnie Rossi

The king is dead , long live the king

The older models are discontinued.  The Brama is coming.

I long to receive mine ( Integrated ).  My endgame audio gear .



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Beautiful looking units.  Interesting to see how close they can make a solid state sound like a 300b SET?  Adjustable amplification?  Hmm.. I guess I wouldn't then need to own 8 different amps?  If space is your consideration and not money, this could be fun.  Their integrated is $39k.  Now that's a commitment.  I will have to search out for a listen.  This then creates another concern, is there a speaker that has adjustable sensitivity to adjust to how you are setting the amp?  I have always bought either the amp or speakers first and then bought the other to match, after lots of auditioning.  I guess with this, just find speakers you like and this amp can be adjusted to match.