An interesting experience with power cable.

I’ve read a lot about power cables throughout the years and finally took a leap of faith and bought 1 silver-plated power cable. Of course I immediately plugged it in my amp and turn on everything for a listen. I could hear a tiny improvement but honestly was underwhelmed. I plugged the basic cable back into the amp. I plug the upgraded cable into my DAC for fun.


WOW, immediate and significant improvements. I gained a substantial amount of smoothness and sweetness and perceived clarity was also improved. I have alternate the upgraded power cable into the amp a few times, each time I get the same results, underwhelming, not as dramatic as if the cable went into the DAC.


So that was unexpected, I’m not saying power cable for amps are not significant. What I’m saying is, if you have only 1 upgraded power cable, the rest being stock basic, then plug it in your DAC, you might be surprised as well. Thanks for reading fellas.


Very curious to get a 2nd cable for the amp now.


@ghdprentice Hi GHD, please read the above post as it has some information you're asking about. 

I have the BMC S1 amp that I absolutely adore, gorgeous to look at and still seem to have more to offer with its designated DAC. BMC also sells a power cord for 600 euro. 600 euro I can muster, 2k for the Hurricane, that'd take me years. And definitely with a lengthy trial. 


Right now when it comes to cable, the action USB has my biggest interest. 


Thanks for sharing your observations, and congratulations on your sonic upgrades.

Making the connection to your DAC with low (or, no) expectations, and achieving immediate and noticable benefits is not surprising.  It also proves, once again, that those who hear differences in power cords do not need professional counciling to deal with their "confirmation bias" issues.

Give upgraded wall sockets a try?



Thanks for the additional info. All cables must be taken in the context of your components. It seldom makes sense to spend 50% of the value of a component on a power cord, for instance… because that money applied to a component upgrade is typically better spent.

My amps cost $34K, so spending $4K on two Hurricanes makes sense. But spending that on a $5K amp would not make sense. This is why all decisions are so system dependent.


I have found a great way to break it power cords. Temporary hook them up to run your stove. Are usually leave them on for about a month. My wife usually makes dinner every night. Then I hook them up to my mono block amps. It makes the music have kind of a roast beef smell…. Yummy.