An interconnect for my system and musical taste..

As I generally get more sophisticated In looking for the best choice in an interconnect cable It sounds like I really should be asking not just what's ''best'', but what's more or less " most right " for me .I don't want to spend much more then $110 and I would be happy to buy used . I don't mind a DIY if the difference is really going to be significant . The music I listen to is only classical especially piano .
Speakers are DQ10's, Pre-amp, is a GAS THeobe and moscode 300 amp . I plan to change the speakers to something like an Obelisk . If I could afford it I would probably have settled on a Purist interconnect.

Thanks all AB
Try a pair of AlphaCore TQ2 silver. You should be able to get it used for about $100. I have many interconnects and I found that there is really no reason to buy anything more expensive.