An integrated with a good phono

Hey all!

Although I have a smooth YBA 201 integrated, I'm looking for an integrated, tube or ss, with a good phono section. I'm powering Reference 3A de Capo i monitors. My budget is about $2000. Thanks for all your help.

Rogue Cronus Magnum with a 35dB gain MM phono stage should be a strong contender for you consideration.
PrimaLuna Prologue tube integrated with the phono option. Marriage made in heaven with your de capo's.
Check out Rogue Audio!
Yes! As a former Rogue owner (Magnum 120 monoblocks), I've always been drawn to the brand. And I've been eyeing the Prima Luna's as well based on reviews and audiogon members' testimony. Thanks for re-affirming those.

Dayglow, I'd never considered the Marantz. What else can you say about it?
No direct experience but I have read (on Audio Asylum maybe?) that the phono is the weak link of the Rogue integateds. Don't recall of this was just for certain models.

That said, I love my Rogue Stereo 90.
Simao-I heard the 11S2 at the 2010 Akfest driving a Paradigm S8v3 and was impressed. The midrange on the S8v3 was excellent and I do believe the Marantz(pair)PM-11S2/SA-11S2 were responsible, living up to the reputation of having a near SOTA midrange. Some say the Marantz treble is a little truncated but I didn't notice it on the Paradigm. Build quality is 1st class and the power rating is conservative with the 11S2. I've read the phono section is top notch for an int. amp. I have no reason to dispute this after hearing/seeing the 11S2. FWIW-With my own system it came down to the 11S2 and a Valve Audio-Predator. I went with the Predator only due to the versatility(tubes)and more power.
"the phono is the weak link of the Rogue integrated."
I wouldn't call it a weak link, the fact is that it is a high-output SS
phonostage and not tube, but is limited to MM or HO-MC. Vinyl sounds very
good on a Cronus Magnum.
A Rogue Pre with tube phonostage will cost over $3000.
Croft Micro 25
Maybe you should get a restored vintage piece, like an el84 integrated. Check maple shade or other sources. Your speakers are sensitive enough for that.
Duh, I meant to say Croft Integrated. I have the Micro 25 pre.
Peter, I've been a Mapleshade customer for about a decade now - speaker/amp stands and their Double Helix cables. I checked out their line of hot-rodded Scott el84 amps. Why would you recommend them?