An Integrated to replace Adcom 555II & 500II ??

I want to replace my GTP-500II tuner/preamp & GFA-555II amp combo for an integrated amp. My amp is 20 yrs old and has a high frequency distortion from the right channel. Fixing it seems silly since something else can go at anytime with either unit.

I happen to LOVE the sound of this combo (warm, powerful, crisp bass). I use it with Aerial 5s and a marantz CD-67II.

I wanted to spend between $1000 - 1500. Ideally even less. Maybe even a AV receiver that would do the job - but i tried a Harmon Kardon 10 yr old av receiver and it sounded much worse.

Wow, I never really thought of Adcom as warm...just proves the differences in perception

Try these two:
Musical Fidelity A5 (250 wpc)
Plinius 9100
Rega and Exposure both make very musical integrated amps and will splash the Adcom gear. The Plinius suggestion is also very good.
Perhaps "warm" isn't the proper description. I have trouble describing sound. I know its not "bright". But you Adcom owners know how they sound and what replacement would come close (or better).

Thanks for the quick replies. A quick search to actually find out where to buy these things are hard to find. The Musical Fidelity A5.5 is around $2800 and i could not find the Plinius for sale anywhere. Stereophile gave raves to a new Integrated amp (Simaudio Moon I-1) but i cant find it to audition or buy. Im in NYC.

When Stereophile reviewed the Aerial 5 in 1997, they preferred driving it with a Classe CAP-100 integrated. Of course, you have lots alternatives 12 years later, but the reviewer said this:

"I must reiterate the 5's need for a substantial power amplifier: Don't even think about running the 5s with fewer than 50Wpc."

I agree with Darkmoebius. Most people don't find Adcom gear to be warm. Have you heard your speakers with anything other than Adcom and HK? I think you'll be surprised with their hidden potential. A better quality amp will offer a more refined and nuanced presentation. Certain amps are smoother and less fatiguing than others. Plinius 9100 is an excellent suggestion.

I realize tubes aren't for everyone and aren't always the best tool for the job, but I'm inclined to steer you toward a Cary SLI-80. There's one in the classifieds at the top end of your price point. I think it would be a sweet compliment with your speakers.
Hi Manto,there is a used Plinius 9100($1,500) and four MF A5's beteen $1,100-$1,500 for sale here on Audiogon. Also, a used MF A308($1,600)

Used Simaudio i-3 SE ($1,490) might be worth considering

Used PS Audio GCC-100
Manto, don't miss this. It came up today and won't last long. I have no affiliation with the seller.

CLASSE CAP-150 Integrated Amp
Yowsa, that's a screaming deal, Mingles.

Manto, jump all over that. Seriously, Classe makes some amazing gear and power is their trademark.