An inexpensive amp/preamp/integrated for Zu bookshelf speakers

I am thinking about a small stereo system for my office and am looking at Zu bookshelf speakers. 
Since they are so efficient, I only need a small amp/integrated amp. What would you consider?
The Schiit Ragnarok looks promising at $1700. (I have the Bifrost DAC on my main system and love it).
I'll probably connect it to my PC and stream music.
If you want to go the tube route, I would suggest taking a look at the Line Magnetic 211ia or 216ia. Both are fantastic sounding units, and in roughly the same price point as the Ragnarok.

****Line Magnetic dealer disclaimer
If you only need one input take a look at this.It should fit the bill!
Goldprintaudio, the Line Magnetic seem a bit pricier than I was hoping, though I have never gone the tube route.
Yogiboy, the odyssey looks promising, thanks!
No problem, just thought I would throw them out.  The 211 is at the same price as the Schitt you mentioned. (well I guess actually $50 more at $1750).
Coincident Dynamo
I would recommend something from decware. The zen triode integrated in particular. It's what I plan to get
Goldprintaudio, I was looking at the MSRP which said something like $2500  
Asianatorizzle, the decware always intrigued me, I need to do some more research...
Smrex, If I can get a used Dynamo, that would be another option.
Good recommendations provided. I believe that the new MK II version of the Coincident Dynamo would sound terrific with the efficient Zu. No doubt that the Line Magnetic would be an excellent choice as well. Either of these high quality tube amplifiers should sing with the Zu.
Might want to check out Rega Brio or the new Schiit Ragnarok. Both are reasonably priced and perform well enough to still be audiophile quality. Lots written on them online too. 
Thanks Joekapahulu, I was considering the Schiit Ragnarok (see OP).
I think it will be the most cost effective way, too.
I have a Bifrost Multibit that I really like. In fact, I haven't played a CD for months.
In answer to your post above, the Line Magnetic 211ia is $1750 and the 216ia is $1950...... as current retail prices for them in the US (are you outside the US?).
Goldprintaudio, I am in the US. Do you have or have listened to the Line Magnetic? I am not a tube guy, but am open to new stuff.