An exceptional recording From Tacet

I’ve been playing around with cables and now have my setup complete, so I then started on the quest to find a good set of feet for each of the components in my system, since I have heard they make a significant difference.

One album that seems to bring out the very best from the music in terms of detail, clarity and imaging is from the Tacet label - Partitas, Johann Sebastian Bach, Artist: Paul Florin

If you like violin soloists and attention to detail, then this album will not disapoint. many of the melodies are quite haunting, with the more livelly tracks being more to my taste. But the bottom line - the soloist, musical content and sound enigineering are of the highest calibre and extremely enjoyable to listen to.

It fills the room with air and stunning venue acoustics that transports you into that venue, and the soul conveyed by the music, highlights the considerable talents of Mr. Florin.

This album is the most realistic presentation of a live perofrmance I have in my entire collection.

The sound engineering and recording is superb and the only negative comment I have about the vinyl version of this album is that you can plainly hear what the stylus is "about to play" during the quiet passages because the cutting of the grooves is too close together and the next "rotation" has distorted the groove currently under the stylus. Something that would not be present on digital versions.

Because of the attention to detail in the production of this album, subtle changes in sound quality is easily heard, which makes it an ideal album to audiition system changes, whilst enjoying truly superb musicianship and sound quality. The most prominent of which are the changes to the imaging. Sometimes not as wide and sometimes further back.

I have several albums from Tacet and none of them disapoints, but this one is perhaps the best one they have produced

Technical aspects aside, It’s one of those albums best served with a good Single Malt on a cold winters day - just sit back and be transported to more peasurable location.

Regards - Steve

Steve, a minor's Florin Paul (correct?).

Despite only two full albums and a small number of collaborations on Tidal, I'm enjoying Enescu & Ysaye: Violin Sonatas as I type this. Thanks.
Thanks for the heads up. Will check out the Tacet label.
@david_ten  - Oooops - you are correct - my mistake

Courtesy of  Youtube...
Ysaÿe, Solo Violin Sonata No.3 in D Minor, Op.. 27

Simply amazing.